Point Loma Wellness Center

offical wellness center of point loma sports club. Your home for fitness, wellness, and community.

Our beautiful wellness center offers a variety of healing services including chiropractic, massage, craniosacral therapy, cold & hot plunge, red light therapy, hypnotherapy, compression therapy, and more! Find everything you need to live a life of abundance right here at the club.

Browse our variety of services below to find the perfect offering that suits your needs. We look forward to serving you!



We offer a wide variety of therapeutic bodywork in our wellness center, including massage and craniosacral therapy. These healing modalities will release tension and muscle stress, helping to create a healthy and balanced body. Massages are customized to suit your unique needs.


Ditch those sore muscles in 30-45 minutes with the Normatec lower body system. This restorative leg massage helps detoxify the lymphatic system, while providing a relaxing recovery experience. During your treatment, you also have the option to lay on an infrared heated PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy) mat to maximize restoration in the body and mind.

the chill zone

Enjoy a private oasis of the most effective longevity therapies.  Within The Chill Zone, you have access to a 39F cold plunge, a 104F hot plunge, full-body red light therapy, and powerplate vibration therapy. 


Explore our offerings in energy healing, intuitive readings, hypnotherapy and meditation. These modalities help clients to embody their vision of health and wellness.


Craniosacral involves manually applying a subtle movement of the spinal & cranial bones, diaphragms, and fascia. The restrictions in the connective tissue and nerve passages are eased and misaligned bones are restored to proper position and movement, allowing for the central nervous system to get back into harmony for proper healing.

visceral manipulation (organ tune-up)

Visceral Manipulation is a soft, hands-on manual therapy. Underneath a pain or diagnoses is a compensatory pattern created in the body with the initial source of the dysfunction often being far from where the pain is felt. Because of this, the practitioner searches for this pattern and the source, and treats the related tissues. The treatment is a gentle compression, mobilization and elongation of the soft tissues. 


Experience next-level chiropractic emphasizing functional movement and the most effective manual therapy and rehabilitation exercise program, geared toward each individual.


We believe in building health and wellness through all angles, which is why we offer functional wellness consulting, a fantastic method to get your health on the right track and find the root cause of any symptoms you may be struggling with.

infrared sauna

All of our members receive unlimited access to our Far Infrared Sauna. Our sauna is spacious enough to hold up to 6 people and there is one conveniently located in each locker room. Sauna use and bath towels are included with every membership and no appointment is needed.

inbody composition

The InBody 570 body composition analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water values important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness, and fitness contexts.

neuralchek hrv testing

NeuralChek is a 5 minute test that assesses heart rate variability (HRV) to give a baseline of where the important regulatory systems are at, their interconnectivity and how they are functioning to maintain health.  The quick test generates 6 pages worth of invaluable information on how your autonomic nervous system is functioning.