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NeuralChek HRV Testing

learn how stress is affecting you and how to fix it.

NeuralChek is a science-based software developed in Russia that assesses heart rate variability (HRV) to give a baseline of where the important regulatory systems are at, their interconnectivity and how they are functioning to maintain health.

The 5 minute test is done in a comfortable seated position. In this 45 minute session, there will be a total of 2 scans done.  Between the 2 scans there will be a 15 minute sound and light therapy meditation using a headset device called Braintap.

The scans will generate a comprehensive overview and report of your before and after results with information on how your autonomic nervous system is functioning. The scan has a stress index that will give you an opportunity to see how hard the nervous system of the body has to work to achieve balance, with information on how improve your adaptive capabilities. The scan will also allow you to see your actual age vs. your biological age, which will allow you to see if you’re prematurely aging or reversing the aging. You will be able to see where your energy levels are and be given solutions on how you can boost your energy and metabolism through simple lifestyle changes.


What is hrv?

Heart rate variability is the degree to which the heart speeds up or slows down. The greater the variability, the healthier one is. The changing intervals between two heart beats will give an accurate picture of the ability of the body to recover from stress and
strain.  If we can maintain our HRV at a high level, this will benefit our health and performance. It will enhance brain functions such as concentration, focus, memory, flexibility of response, intuitive insight, judgment and decision making.

what does a session look like?

A 45-minute sessions includes a 5 minute baseline scan (the scan is painless and done seated in a comfortable position).  From there we will play a special light and sound therapy meditation called Braintap for 15 minutes to calm the nervous system.  After, we will take one more 5-minute scan to measure the change.  The remainer of the session will be spent going over the comprehensive results and designing a plan to reduce stress in daily life.


Track Changes
Over Time

Monitor how you are doing over a period of time with the tangible results to compare before and after. With simple stress reduction tools, radical change can be seen in HRV, which can have positive results on the entire body.

understand how the body and brain are connected

HRV testing is an incredible tool for learning how stress can impact every single system in the body. With comprehensive data, you can understand how to reduce stress and reap the benefits!


Learn which brain waves are being activated and how to have more control over your operating system.  HRV testing will provide a window into brain patterns, cardiovascular patters, neurohormonal compensation, and most importantly…how to make it all work better!

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PLSC Members: $60 per session. Non-Members: $75 per session.

Braintap Mediation Only: $20 per session, non-members $30 per session.

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